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This will be the umpteenth time I have called for calm from Chelsea fans, as I remind them that we are in a transition period. Considering the squad is in a state of rejuvenation it must be stressed that our current league position is truly commendable. The £32 million spent on Eden Hazard, and the £25 million on Oscar has undoubtedly aided the cause, but with talent such as Romelu Lukaku, Thibaut Courtois, and Kevin De Bruyne out on loan, Abramovich has no reason to reopen his chequebook.

It seems strange that so much negativity can exist when we have such a positive future ahead of us. The only problem we might face is the deciding when to bring the Belgian players back. Lukaku is performing brilliantly for West Brom, but next season could be too soon. The same can be said for Courtois who has taken Chelsea by surprise and surpassed all expectations with his fast progression at Athletico Madrid. Plus Petr Cech is still playing to a high level and is unlikely to make way any time soon.

So does this mean another two seasons before we can see the Belgains playing in blue shirts? If so then Roman will feel compelled to bring in another marquee signing, and the most likely candidate is Falcao. Now, whilst I’m a huge fan of the Colombian, and would love to see him at Chelsea, I can’t bare to see us fork out another £50 million for a single player. If Lukaku is ready, and the club finally makes the right decision to sell Torres, why not start the 19-year old up top? We’re already in a transition period, and what better way to integrate a young striker with a team that’s growing anyway.

We have to remember we paid £18 million for Lukaku, and it’s an investment that we really should see through. From what I’ve seen at West Brom he could be worth even more one day, so further spending really isn’t necessary. We got Courtois for a fair price, but again, we should consider the position of goalkeeper filled, and not turn to bigger names.

Falcao could be the answer to our problems, but he could also be seen as a short-term fix. He’s 27 and currently at his peak, so Chelsea would be lucky to get an extra three years of his best. If we must re-enter the transfer market then I would like to see yet another Belgian added to the squad. Marouanne Fellaini. His physical presence and aerial ability could replace Didier Drogba’s, and he could be purchased for a fee in the margin of £15-£20 million.

So with Hazard already in the team, Lukaku, De Bruyne, Courtois coming back from loan, and the possible addition of Fellaini, we really could be looking at a Belgain revolution at Stamford Bridge.

By Chris Edwards

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  1. Know what? I’ve been a big advocate of that in my own blogs. (sadly, don’t get the time to write anymore)

    Lukaku is a beast of a player. And for such a ‘huge’ player, he’s incredibly skillful and pacey. I saw him ‘throw’ Gallas off his shoulder to create a chance for a teammate. While not huge, Gallas would definitely be described as a big, powerful player.
    I really think he’s ready.
    Plus, in recent times (especially Rafa’s tensure), Chelsea have almost stopped putting crosses in from the wings. Sure, sometimes Ivanovic/Azpilicueta try, but there’s nobody really to aim it at. Torres, used to have a decent heading ability, but even that was never very powerful.
    That made the wingers, especially our forwards, Hazard and Oscar, cut inside more often than not. It has become predictable. I remember how Malouda and Drogba used to do it.
    Now, we have a kid, whose heading ability is probably on the same lines (or developing to be) of Drogba.

    The person I would really like to see soon at Chelsea hence, is Kevin de Bruyne. He’s insane with his crossing. Hazard knows that he is the kind of player who wouldve like to be No.10. But we already got one of the best No.10’s in the world. So he has to play on the left. I like their whole combination, but it does get predictable. That’s why t’s a little bit of a shake-up whenever Moses is introduced. Even though his crossing isn’t up there yet, he always shapes up to cross it in.
    But we really don’t have anyone in there to head it in.
    Falcao is a beast with the headers, but I think it’s time we called back Lukaku.

    Personally, I would prefer Mario Gomez to Falcao. But then, that’s just my opinion.

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