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nou campAfter this weeks Random act of kindness I received an email with another one, even more spectacular and momentous in history, the scene is Barcelona April 2012 just hours before the Champions League semi-final second leg.

This is the story of Liam Blencowe and his Dad and their experience of the best and worst of human nature.

Liam’s Story

My dad and I were in Barcelona for the semi final 2nd leg last April.

We were having a fantastic day drinking in the square before heading off to the game around a couple of hours before kick off.

We were with a few other chelsea fans throughout the day and we all headed to the Nou Camp together. We were having a fantastic day and our excitement levels were through the roof for the game and to be inside the Nou Camp for one of the biggest games of Chelsea’s history and the biggest game my dad and I had ever been to.

As there was still a couple of hours left til kick off we decided to get some drinks outside the ground at a nearby bar. Chelsea fans were gathering and there was some good banter between both sets of fans developing.

After a while my dad went to the bar again to get a few of us some more drinks. I was outside and soaking up the atmosphere with the chelsea boys. My dad came back after 10 mins or so with some drinks. After a bit he put his hand in his pocket to see that his wallet had been taken. Panic started and both of us sobered up straight away!!! Not only were cards taken but our 2 tickets for the match were gone!!! We were in tears.

I called the Thomas Cook rep up who we travelled with. They said it had happened to someone else as well and there was nothing we could do. We werent getting in the game! It was one of the worst feelings ive experienced, we could not believe what was happening.

About 10 mins later i decided to call the rep again to see if we could meet at the Chelsea away end for a chat, with hope rather than any expectation at all. He met us and saw how devastated we were!!

He went off somewhere and after around 15 mins he came back with 1 spare ticket, we couldnt believe it and were so shocked he’d got one, we didnt even bother to ask where. He said to us both who wants it, my dad said Liam you have it. I said, we either both go in or we dont, its simple.

We couldnt believe the situation, we had one ticket but needed another. Our emotions were sky high and the game was edging ever closer to kick off!! Strolling around and thinking about what had happened, we came across a guy who was selling a spare ticket. We explained the situation and through his generosity, he decided to sell the ticket at face value. 80 euros or so.

We were so so close. But had no money at all, as my dads and my money was all in the one wallet that was stolen.

4 chelsea fans got hold of the situation and each gave us 20 euros each and bought us the ticket. Our luck was unbelievable and at this point we were even more emotional. We could not believe we got in to the ground. We were so lucky and grateful to those 5 guys, the one who decided to sell it face value and especially the guys who chipped in for our ticket.

We met up with them at the QPR game after and gave them 100 quid.

That day and of course the game that followed, was the most amazing day trip weve ever or will ever go on. Highs and lows. It really does give you faith in people, especially Chelsea fans!!! We will never forget that day and especially what they did!!

Up the Chels!

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