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The Football Association has reportedly unveiled today a raft of measure designed to reduce manager turnover and give clubs a greater sense of achievement.

An unnamed source has been quoted

“We have a number of complaints from fans particularly of clubs who have had historic success but are struggling at the moment that they have nothing to cheer and that managers were feeling the pressure of having no silverware in the trophy cabinet.

We feel these new trophies will revitalise the competition and give these fans something to shout about.

This will also help the economy due to the extra open bus top parades that will take place.”

He outlined the measures that will include three new trophies and a raft of other incentives.

  • King of the Surviviors Trophy- awarded to 17th placed team
  • Champions League Qualification Trophy – 3rd and 4th Place Teams
  • History Challenge – Awarded to team that has won most trophy’s but never won Premier League

King Of The Survivors

Staying up in the Premier League is worth around £40m a season and will now be rewarded with a trophy and a Europa League Place to encourage development.

An unnamed Premier League director has been quoted in full favour of this

“Mediocrity and just doing enough are not celebrated in England as they are in other cultures, therefore it is great that this will now be rewarded. We really hope we can win this trophy and parade it around our half empty stadium”

Likely winners:  Aston Villa, Wigan, Sunderland, Norwich

Trophy For 4th Place

The qualification trophy has already attracted a great deal of interest decided to increase the number of trophies available during the Premier League season.

Already dubbed the “Arsene Wenger Trophy” after the Frenchman stated he considered finishing in the top four as a kind of trophy the Premier League have been forced to deny the trophy will take the form of a statue of the Frenchman.

This season this is a trophy I would not mind Chelsea winning, if we can get a traditional one as well then even better.

Likely winners:  Aston Villa, Wigan, Sunderland, Chelsea

A bold move from the Premier League it will be interesting to see if these trophies take off and become a popular part of Premier League culture.

Happy April Fools

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RafaChelsea Football Club are on the verge of naming Rafael Benitez as permanent manager in a move that is likely to unify Chelsea fans after a really special few months at the club.

Despite his unpopularity with fans initially he has proved the doubters that thought he was useless wrong with some stunning results.

It is believed results have meant that the board are now convinced the Spaniard is right for the job.

A club spokesman told us off the record:

“We knew appointing Rafa would be controversial but he has done so much to win over the fans with the great results, the supporters who resisted his arrival have a lot of egg on their face now.

The club has rewarded this by giving him a six year contract to show that we know he is the past, present and future of Chelsea Football Club”

Even for the most ardent detractor of Rafa it is hard to argue with the club.

Rafa has shown his talents with victories against Brentford, West Ham and Stoke. Which have eclipsed defeats against high flying Southampton, Newcastle and Queens Park Rangers.

Then there is Fernando Torres, who has struggled at Chelsea under other managers, cometh the hour cometh Rafa Benitez, he has transformed Torres into the striker we remember from his days at Liverpool .

It has been a real pleasure to watch a confident Fernando Torres scoring freely and topping the Premier League scoring charts.

Welcome to Rafa Benitez the best interim manager we have ever had!

If you are still reading take a look at the date posted!

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After a hard fought topsy turvy game Chelsea progressed to the next round of the Next Generation u19 Series that went to extra time.

It is not often that youth football is televised but with EuroSport covering the latter stages of the Next Generation Series I was able to tune in and watch our potential stars of the future overcome Arsenal and reach the final of a competition that has seen us beat Juventus, Arsenal and Barcelona.

Match Review

Arsenal started the brightest as our youngsters seemed nervous, they took the lead and shaded the first half.

Chelsea game out in the second half and looked much more threatening matched first half but second half goals from Islam Feruz, and Lewis Baker and Jeremie Boga gave Chelsea a two goal cushion with twenty minutes to play.

Arsenal got a goal back late in the game but Chelsea hung on to ensure that there will be no silverware at any level at the Emirates this season.

The game itself was very even with both sides having chances and extra time saw both teams go for it and in the end it took  a moment of magic by John Swift to unlock the defence and lay the ball on a plate for Lewis Baker to win it!

Chelsea Star Players

Ruben Loftus Cheek

The England u17 player ran the midfield, particularly in the second half and was one of the reasons we had this game by the scruff of the neck at one point, we fell apart once taken off with the game apparently in the bag.

Alex Kiwomya

A key player in the FA Youth Cup last season his pace destroyed Arsenal at times and created some key openings, just needs to improve his decision making and he could be a key player for the future.

Jeremie Boga

A midfielder with an eye for getting forward he scored a tap in after great play from Alex Kiwomya and a was a key player when Chelsea were controlling the game.

Final Thoughts

The title of the post may be flippant but this was a good advertisement for youth football with both sides playing some great football.

Defensively we were weak today but it was great to see the youth team in action and there are some very talented players in our ranks.

We know how hard it is for these players to make the first team but maybe, just maybe some of these players have what it takes to play at the top level.

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Lampard 200Chelsea and West Ham do not get on and you can guarantee that the title alone will see the comments deluged by angry West Ham fans spewing their spleen probably using the same tired attempts at insults that other clubs try and use in rotation.

Whilst one group of fans do not represent an entire club the West Ham fans at Stamford Bridge that day were a disgrace to football.

The GDP of a small country was thrown at Lampard and Terry, along with lighters and even Hot Dogs, not to mention arrests for racial abuse (funny how little coverage that got).

The West Ham fans have hate John Terry and particularly Frank Lampard for a long time, it is therefore not suprising that Terry and Lampard did not hold back in giving them some banter back.

Lampard’s reaction to scoring his 200th goal in front of the away fans was unreserved and Terry took great delight in lifting an imaginary trophy in front of them whilst warming up.

Throwing coins onto the pitch is just stupid not to mention expensive, although every groundsman likes a bonus at the end of a long and victorious day.


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Howard Webb 2

I was disappointed to read that Howard Webb has been appointed referee for our FA Cup game against Manchester United, my confidence for this game that was already low as we are managed by “The Interim One” has fallen to new depths.

Howard Webb has a terrible record refereeing Chelsea games particularly the 3-3 draw last season where he gave two dodgy penalties to help United come back from 3 nil down.

Given the controversy in last night’s Champions League game I am sure that Manchester United fans will be able to rely upon their 12th man Howard Webb to help them overcome the disappointment in the FA Cup.

Yes I know its bitter but it’s my blog and from time to time I reserve the right to be biased, lets face it after the Clattenburg thing we are hardly referee darlings.

Let’s just hope that we do not see the coronation of the Howard Webb stand at the weekend as we try and defend our trophy.

howard webb

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Rafa finally cracked under the pressure after the Middlesborough game confirming he will be leaving at the end of the season whilst blowing his top in a bizarre press conference in which he slammed the fans and the board.

I am so happy that there is now no doubt that he will be leaving in the summer, the fear you might stay was real and one that inspired anger.

The vast majority of Chelsea fans never wanted him and this rant is understandable given the pressure built up by diabolical performances and a thinly veiled attempt to shift blame, he is making excuses for failure as he has done throughout his career.

Rafa Quotes Analysed

“Why put interim in the title, why did they need to do that”

Benitez was never wanted by the fans and the board knew this. You were given interim to placate the fans as part of a plan/hope that results would give justification for giving Emenalos choice the job on a full time basis.

Also Roberto Di Matteo and Guus Hiddink were interim managers why make an exception? Consistency from the club for once!

“The fans are not happy as I was Liverpool manager”

No we are not happy, it is his attitude in taking the role and the comments he made towards Chelsea fans and the results, this goes beyond one or two events you are a terrible fit for our club and should never have been appointed.

“I’m disappointed with some fans. They have to support the team instead of wasting time making banners.”

Fans spend fortunes following the club across the world and giving vocal support, we have the right to give our opinion on appointments and performances.

This comment shows your contempt for football fans and an arrogance that led to you taking the job in the first place.

“If they carry on with this agenda they are damaging the club, if the club finish outside the top four they have to take some responsibility for that”

Pure deflection from Rafa blaming the fans for his failures as manager, players have come out thanking the fans for our support and the backing we are giving them, they understand we love the team but hate Rafa.

Rafa originally stated the fans were irrelevant, now he is blaming us for the team sliding down the table, stop being a hypocrite.

The only agenda we have is your removal!

“I am a professional and I will do my job. At the end of the season I will leave”

You may get paid but you are certainly not a professional


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Across Di Matteo’s  21 games in charge in the 2012-13 season he encountered 6 defeats to Juventus, West Brom, Shakhtar Donetsk, Manchester United, Athletico Madrid and Manchester City in the community shield, all (but West Brom respectively) top European footballing sides.

Aside from this, he won 11 games including away wins at Arsenal, Tottenham, a vital win against Shakhtar Donestk, and wins against Reading, Newcastle (games which Rafa Benitez collected 1 point from) and the Capital one cup victory against Manchester United. 4 draws occurred in his 21 games from games against Swansea away, Juventus, QPR at loftus road and against Liverpool.

Rafa Benitez has thus far taken control of 23 games, equalling the 6 games lost under Di Matteo, coming against Manchester City, QPR at home, West Ham, Swansea at home in the capital one cup semi final, Corinthians in the final of the club world cup, and Newcastle despite the fact we were leading.

As you can clearly see, aside from the Man City loss, clearly these are sides we should be beating without a doubt, compared to the European class we lost against under the stewardship of Di Matteo. Also 7 draws coming against, Brentford, Swansea (Semi final second leg), Southampton (at home where we were leading 2-0) Reading (despite the fact again we were leading 2-0) Manchester City at home and Fulham at home. Rafa Benitez also has a win percentage of 50% compared to Di Matteo’s 52.3%.

The question I pose is why we were so quick and rash to get rid of Di Matteo after 6 losses, where were a team in transition, lacked striker’s, played the free flowing Barcelona-esque attacking football, playing with footballing swagger admired by many at the start of the season with short eccentric passes, pressing high up the pitch, closing men down early, scoring 52 goals in 21 games. Yes we were vulnerable at the back, but of course the eccentricity of our attacking would have to come to a price, a system that we were still new to, a system that could be adapted with time, training and most importantly backing from the board.

Under Rafa Benitez we have looked brilliant on some occasions, and terrible on most others. That’s what we lack great consistency, when we are losing we lack any sort of drive, and seem to roll over easily, none of the character shown under Di Matteo when coming back from many losing positions, least to name our amazing champions league run last season. When winning we seem to lack any conviction when it comes to chances, and leads us to rueing the missed chances and thus drawing.

The tactical decisions Rafa Benitez makes bemuses many Chelsea fans, and when most of them do not come off, does anyone really expect us fans to not voice our displeasure at the appointment of him, and how it was a mistake to bring him to our football club and we are going backwards in terms of football.

On the pitch we seem to be shipping in long balls too much of the time to either  Torres, Oscar, Hazard or Mata neither of them are particularly aerially able. In losing positions, there seems to be a lack of emotion, eagerness to drive forward and get a vital goal.

Bottom line is the only reason Rafa Benitez has not been sacked is because three managers in one season would be seen as ludicrous by many involved in football management damaging our club further. So until the end of May we are stuck with Benitez, we have to hope we secure a top 4 position and move on from there and get back to the top footballing side we know we can be.

Kamal Sultan

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It’s a question that’s likely to provoke dismissal and laughter from a majority of Chelsea fans, but considering how little we’ve achieved this season, can we confidently say it was right to dismiss Villas Boas?

My immediate response is yes. We were right to sack him. An exceedingly long run of poor performances could only lead to a complete loss in confidence from the owner and fans, and at that moment in time it was the logical action to take.

Despite his inability to find form with the team, it was his alleged fallout with some of the senior players that ultimately sealed his fate. So we’re a club that protects our veteran players, right? Well, why are we letting our greatest ever player go then?

Villas Boas frequently left Frank Lampard out of his starting eleven, even when the Englishman was fit and ready to play.

Whilst this used to infuriate me, I could understand that Boas had been asked to be part of a project – an attempt to rejuvenate our aging squad. When things didn’t go according to plan for the Portuguese tactician, he was the only one left to blame, but now that the club are supposedly not renewing Frank’s contract it seems redundant to sack the man who was only trying to achieve what his many successors will now try and replicate.

Looking at Villas Boas now, I can’t help but feel slightly envious of Tottenham. They have a young, tactical and calculated manager who certainly seems to be keen on an attacking style of football.

He was also the man who brought us our most influential player, Juan Mata, and now that Hazard and Oscar have joined the Spaniard in midfield, haven’t we just created something that so closely emulates the style Boas wanted to incorporate?

The only difference now is that we’re likely to float from one manager to the next, with no one willing to see out a rejuvenation project.

Spurs are currently fourth in the Premier League, and seem to be a larger threat than previous years. A win and a draw against Manchester United with a practically unchanged squad since Harry Redknapp’s side can only be down to managerial influence.

The utilisation of wide play and creativity in the centre is something we have been crying out for at the Bridge. At White Hart Lane they have this in the form of Aaron Lennon, Gareth Bale and Mousa Dembele, three players that Boas has managed to unleash the potential of.

With our ‘three amigos’ and the inclusion of David Luiz in midfield, I’m sure Boas would have been able to find form, with the strong possibility of developing the squad.

I’m not necessarily a major fan of the 35 year-old, but for the sake of the club’s future, I think it’s vital that we find someone who will stick with us for more than three seasons, someone who can really make their mark on the team, and reinvent the champions of Europe.

Written By Chris Edwards

This weekend will be one of our most triumphant and enjoyable build ups to a match in our club’s long and distinguished history with the few thousand Chelsea fans occupying White Hart Lane and reminding them about the 19th of May.

That’s right not only did we become the first London club to win the Champions League but Didier Drogba’s penalty had an extra cherry on top of the delicious Champions of Europe icing.

His goal not only won the trophy but ensured that Chelsea would play Champions League football as the defending champions at the expense of the 4th placed team in the Premier League.

This team was of course Tottenham Hotspur giving us a whole new reason to laugh at Spurs.

Every single Chelsea fan has had a glorious summer reminding the world and in particular Spurs fans of this at every opportunity.

AVB The Managerial Conundrum

This would be sweet enough if our misfit manager who was sacked before our march to glory replaced Harry Redknapp at White Hart Lane saving us a reported £10m.

AVB has had a decent start at White Hart Lane but we will be desperate to beat him and remind him that there is only one Di Matteo.

All this good news piles on top of the 5-1 Wembley FA Cup Semi Final victory and the glorious record of Didier Drogba.

They say you shouldn’t gloat, but it is Tottenham and after the year we had I think we deserve it and knowing a few Spurs fans and conversing with a few on Twitter they are most definitely bitter.

Whatever the result at the weekend we will still have plenty of things to hold over Spurs.

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