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The attention of the moment is currently fixed on what is probably the game of the season so far in the Champions League as Jose (please come home) Mourinho takes Real Madrid to Manchester behind on the away goals.

With no involvement in the Champions League these are the games that I want to watch, highly competitive crunch matches between sides that have real aspirations towards the title.

Manchester United will be having kittens over the return to Old Trafford of Cristiano Ronaldo a player that in my opinion is the best in the world and some may not agree with me but I actually hope they get the result tonight as we should support English sides in Europe.

Shackling Ronaldo and his immense set of tools will be almost impossible, I admire the footballing prowess of Ronaldo if not his persona and found his battles with Ashley Cole a true exhibit of two of the best players in the world going toe to toe.

That being said United are probably wishing they could borrow Ashley Cole for the night as he is the only player to have consistently had the Portuguese international in his pocket.

Don’t believe me well check it out below