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Championship Manager 01/02 is possibly the greatest football manager game ever created, so much so there are people still playing it 13 years on! It is now a free download, so I tried the game and found this team of legends, misfits and scoundrels.

This Chelsea Championship Manager 01/02 squad was one that competed in the top 6, but was by no means of the same quality as what we have today. Whilst there were some legends there were also a plague of wannabes, also rans and downright renegades.

So which players do you remember and what category do they fit into?

Chelsea Championship Manager 01/02 Squad

Championship Manager 01/02 – The Legends

The game features one player from the current squad a very young captain, leader, legend John Terry starts his career on the game in the reserves. Behind the likes of then captain Marcel Desailly and the then loved William Gallas.

These legends are joined by future manager Roberto Di Matteo and the just departed Frank Lampard who had just signed for Chelsea at the time of the game’s release.

The screenshot above hides the attackers that included legend  Gianfranco Zola  and the hugely popular pairing of Eidur Gudjohnsen and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

Chelsea Championship Manager 01/02 – The Misfiring Youth

The Championship Manager 01/02 Chelsea team contained a number of youth players that never really made it at Chelsea.  Reserve team goalkeepers Rhys Evans and Lenny Pidgeley never really got a chance (although Pidgeley did feature on the last day of the 2004/2005 season) and ended up playing lower league football.

They were the lucky ones the likes of Joe Keenan, Joe Sheerin and Paul Thornton all faded into obscurity and never really made it.

They did however fare better than Joel Kitamarike, who just a few years after his sole Chelsea appearance in a weakened UEFA Cup team (half the team refused to travel) found himself in prison for dealing Class A drugs.

Chelsea Championship Manager 01/02 – The Renegades

In this squad there was a real mix of trouble to come, from drug dealing, to drug taking, to contract mistakes and a very expensive reserve team player.

Keeping with the theme of drugs Mark Bosnich was a great keeper, but he could not keep his nose clean, of cocaine that is. He was found guilty of taking Cocaine and promptly sacked.

Although from the Netherlands known for lax drug laws, it was mediocrity rather than any misdeamenours that made Winston Bogarde infamous. Bought by Gianluca Vialli from Barcelona the defender had pedigree, he had played for Ajax, Milan and finally Barcelona. He had even won the European Cup.

However Bogarde never really looked suitable for the first team at Chelsea and was soon cast aside. However on £40k per week no one wanted him and he refused attempts to move and earn less. Eventually he was training with the youth team before leaving in 2004, £15m richer.

Also a defensive scoundrel was William Gallas, a hero of our our first two Premier League winning teams, he became really unhappy at being played out of position and requested to move. Things turned sour fast with reports he threatened to score an own goal if he did not get a move. He was swapped with Ashley Cole on deadline day 2006, so things worked out ok, he never won the Premier League again.

Finally our last renegade in Jody Morris who despite his rough edges was a fan favourite at Chelsea and made more than 100 appearances for the Blues. In 2003 he was offered a five year deal to stay at the club, despite struggling to get a game under Claudio Ranieri. He turned it down.

Chelsea went on to win everything in sight when Abramovich arrived, Jody Morris ended up struggling to get his career going and ended up in Scottish Football. Oh well, we all make mistakes.

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Fernando Torres has become something of a sad side show at Stamford Bridge, the heart is willing but his finishing seems to have disappeared from his repertoire. Yes as fans we have continued to support him, but sometimes you just have to laugh.

Today in pre-season he added another howler miss to his ever growing list so we thought we would look at some of the misses that have formed his time at Chelsea. So this time we thought we would put together a trio of misses that we thought would were contenders for his horror reel.

We think these are pretty good candidates but we thought, we would let you be the judge for yourselt. Be sure to let us know what you think of them. Do you have any better candidates? then send us the Youtube links in the comments.

Here are our top 3 Torres Horror misses

3) Pre Season v Olimpjia

Pre-season does not generally count however this was such a terrible miss from just a few yards out that we thought it deserved a mention.

2) Torres v Bolivia

Not a Chelsea error but this summer in a World Cup warm up game against Bolivia he underlined how he could not hit a barn door with a banjo (never understood this saying). If anything we should admire the scoop he got on the ball to almost clear the goal twice.


1) Torres v Manchester United

Against Manchester United Chelsea were behind and chasing the game, Torres did well to create this chance but overbalanced he fluffed his lines earning ridicule from fans across the country. Chelsea lost the game and it was a defining moment in his time at the club.

We hope you enjoyed our three howlers, does your list match ours? We welcome all suggestions and hope that Torres does not add to this list of contenders next season.

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This summer sees Thibaut Courtois finally part of the Chelsea set up despite signing for the club in 2011. Given his desire to only return as number one Petr Cech could be about to be usurped as number one. So should Chelsea sell Petr Cech if he is no longer number one?

Whatever happens in the next few months or even years, Petr Cech is a Chelsea legend. He has spent ten seasons at Stamford Bridge made over 450 appearances and won countless trophies.

He is an iconic symbol of a Chelsea generation that has changed the face of football in England and the continent he is currently in my opinion the greatest goalkeeper to have played for Chelsea in our entire history.

Should Chelsea Sell Petr Cech?

At 32 years old he is far from on the scrap heap, in fact he is in his prime as a goalkeeper. Typically goalkeepers get better with age peaking between 33 and 36 years old so you could argue we have yet to see the best of Cech. He could have another 8 seasons in him depending on fitness and how his body reacts to the ageing progress.

To take his spot you would need to be a pretty special player and unfortunately for Petr Cech the Chelsea talent scouts seem to have found this in Thibaut Courtois.

Should Chelsea sell Petr Cech? Would love to hear your thoughts

It is ironic that he faces a challenge from a young talented 22 year old for his place when a decade ago he was in exactly the same position as the challenger. He fought Carlo Cudicini and won the shirt consigning a fan favourite to a bit part player and establishing himself as the keeper behind a winning machine.

If as seems likely he loses this battle, should he as Cudicini did stay and contribute to the team as a number two or should he think of his career and look for a move elsewhere.

There would be plenty of potential buyers that would install him as unquestioned number one. For me sadly I think if he is not number one we should sell him. He has served for too long to be left to linger on the bench, wait six months and if Courtois settles then I think we owe it to Petr to let him leave rather than rot on the bench.

He will always be a Chelsea legend but i would rather he left at the top of his game than as a side note of the new team that Mourinho is building.

Chelsea Sell Petr Cech

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On the 10th anniversary of his arrival, there are rumours going around that Didier Drogba is about to return to Chelsea as a player-coach two summers since leaving the club after winning the Champions League in Munich.  He is a legend at Stamford Bridge, but is bringing back the 36 year old the right move?

Didier Drogba is quite rightly a Chelsea his goals won trophies particularly his one man show to win the Champions League in 2012. The fear previously has been that his return to Chelsea would hinder the confidence of the other strikers particularly Fernando Torres.

With Chelsea signing Diego Costa this concern melts away as he is a fully confident and powerful striker that will know that he is first choice. Torres is just a figure in the shadows and I would hope he is only third choice next season.

The expectation would be that Drogba would be an impact player. One club that would hope he does not have a starting role are Arsenal who were tormented by Drogba, time and time again during his 8 years at Stamford Bridge.

As a coach I feel he would have a lot to offer, he is a great presence in the dressing room and he would be able to help develop players like Lukaku (if he stays) and Bamford. Now that Luiz has left he can also teach somebody else his side foot free kick technique.

I would love to see Didier Drogba back at Stamford Bridge, it would feel almost like a one year testimonial season where he could also contribute in a back up role on the pitch.

Adding depth to the team and bringing back a legend for a swansong, what could possibly go wrong?

Would you like to see Drogba return home to Stamford Bridge this summer?

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Diego Costa Chelsea

Diego Costa signed for Chelsea today but already you can hear the pessimistic fans worrying about whether he will make it in the Premier League. But let’s not be so down in the dumps about signing a world class striker. 

Chelsea fans should be optimistic about Costa given his record in the last two seasons, support Falcoa and then as the main man for Athletico Madrid. The Brazilian, Spanish international was a beast for Madrid last year scoring 27 goals in their La Liga triumph and 8 in their run to the Champions League Final.

The problem is we have been burned before and this makes Chelsea fans naturally cautious, we have a long production line of big name flops to fuel our doubt. First there was Robert Fleck, then Chris Sutton followed by Andre Shevchenko and incumbent Fernando Torres.

He did not have a good world cup but I do not think that he was fully fit and Spain were hardly giving him great service as they struggled to defend their title.

Only time will tell for Diego Costa flop forecasts, the pressure will be on but he will have Stamford Bridge fully behind him.

Diego Costa Flop – How To Avoid It

Of course there are things that will help, an early goal will help relieve the fan and media hype, but at Chelsea there wll always be pressure.

Fans will be happy if he is seen running through walls for the team. We have gotten behind our flops in the past but from now on let’s avoid the Diego Costa flop and focus on the fact that we have just signed a world class striker.

Here is a video of all Diego Costa’s goals to get your appetite going for watching him at the Bridge next season. We hope you enjoy it.

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Edison Cavani to Chelsea is once again a story but in the last 2 years I have become convinced that this would be a disaster.

This rumour has just failed to go away with it turning into a key part of any transfer window, no matter how he performs or who he plays for you can expect a transfer story or two linking him to Chelsea each window.

Despite his impressive record for Napoli and Paris St Germain and a strike rate of well over a goal every other game, he has just not impressed me when I have seen him play.

Since the Olympics I have seen Cavani play on numerous times from that tournament, the Champions League and the World Cup and in each appearance he has been a liability unable to get into the game.

Edison Cavani

Cavani To Chelsea An Unlikely Fit

This makes me think that in the demanding role as a Chelsea striker in the toughest defensive league in the world he would struggle, like many fine strikers that have dominated in Serie A and struggled.

At 27 he is at his peak but the price would mean breaking our transfer record and with the Torres millstone still round his neck and Costa on his way, Cavani to Chelsea would make little sense.

I am sure that he will have another great season and this will look like a foolish article, but with FFP and serious doubts about his ability to adapt to life at Chelsea and the Premier League I am going to have to pass.

There are other players we could get to fill gaps in our squad and an overpriced South American does not fit the bill.

Would you sign Cavani, does his record impress you?

Years Team Apps (Gls)
2005–2007 Danubio 25 (10)
2007–2010 Palermo 109 (34)
2010–2013 Napoli 104 (78)
2013– Paris Saint-Germain 30 (16)

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Football is meant to exist for the fans however those who attend games are a small minority and with the money in global audiences so high, placating them through BT Sport and BSKYB is only natural. The recent fixture announcement proves match going fans are a low priority.

The Burnley game is a nightmare for Chelsea fans, Burnley is a 4 hour drive for fans making work on the day and the day after impossible. What would have made more sense would have been the Arsenal v Crystal Palace derby to have been on the Monday instead.

Chelsea have had 7 fixtures changed by the announcement of the TV fixtures upto the end of November. I understand that TV changes are necessary given the need to give value to broadcasters, but a balance with the needs of match going fans is needed.

This may only affect 2,000 fans compared to a football audience of millions but this disregard shows the chasm between football authorities and the fans that make the game what it is today.

Fans are the lifeblood of football and the atmosphere away fans help create is a major selling point for the “Global Brand” that the Premier League is trying to promote. However this seems to be conveniently forgotten by those counting the money.

So in the long run all that will happen is Sky & BT will get the ratings, ticket prices will go up and games will get even more ridiculous. Don’t forget Game 39 was  on the table a few years ago, all involved should be ashamed.

Here are the affected games as confirmed by the Chelsea website

Burnley v Chelsea
Monday 18 August
Live on Sky Sports

Everton v Chelsea
Saturday 30 August
Live on Sky Sports

Manchester City v Chelsea
Sunday 21 September
Live on Sky Sports

Chelsea v Arsenal
Sunday 5 October
Live on Sky Sports

Manchester United v Chelsea
Sunday 26 October
Live on Sky Sports

Liverpool v Chelsea
Saturday 8 November
Live on BT Sport

Sunderland v Chelsea
Saturday 29 November
Live on Sky Sports


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Chelsea Football Club announced that they will be ending their arrangement with Viagogo to launch an in house ticket exchange! This marks a huge victory for Chelsea supporters who will now get a fairer deal without lining the pockets of glorified touts.

Members will have more access to tickets at the standard match price tickets, season ticket holders will have an easier way to sell their tickets at the per match value they paid. The difference between the two amounts will be given to the Chelsea Foundation, a charity helping local and international communities.

Previously Chelsea had been using Viagogo as an exchange who took large fees costing season ticket holders and members more money. The company showed its true colours in the build up to the Champions League Final in 2012, they were selling tickets at huge mark ups, fleecing the average fan.

FamousCFC.com is delighted the club is no longer associated with each other.

This is a massive positive step and an indication that complaining at the club endlessly can eventual lead to positive action by the club. Last season saw the launch of several fan led ticket exchanges by fans wanting to give fellow fans a better deal.

Well done Chelsea FC and well done to those like www.twitter.com/cfctickets who campaigned to make this happen.

As the club said in their statement.

“The aim of this scheme is to ensure as many of our fans can attend a match as possible and for every seat at Stamford Bridge to be occupied. It most definitely is not to generate additional money for the club on top of our regular season ticket and individual match ticket sales.

Therefore all extra money raised by season ticket seats being sold on at the regular members’ price will be donated to the Chelsea FC Foundation, the club’s charity organisation which uses the power of sport to bring about positive changes in people’s lives and their communities.

The leading community programme in the world of football, the Foundation engaged more than 750,000 people home and abroad last season, and operates more than 500 projects each week providing schemes to promote sport, social inclusion, health, education and equality. Our total community investment is more than £5 million per year, including more than £3m developing grassroots sporting opportunities with a further £905,000 invested in UK social inclusion programmes.

At the end of each season the club will announce the sum of money raised and donated straight into the Foundation’s funds by the Ticket Exchange, as well as the number of tickets exchanged. The tables below display the price figures involved for each ticket category.”

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Yaya Toure is an amazingly talented footballer but he has proven in the last few months that despite being rich, successful and adored at the Etihad yet he wants to leave. Rumours are Chelsea could be a destination, but FamousCFC.com think this would be a mistake.

Initially this piece was going to be an attack on Yaya Toure for the reaction to the club “forgetting” his birthday, however unsure of the role that the tragic death of his brother has had in his interactions with the club, it would be unfair to factor that in.

With his current ability beyond question (he was my Premier League player of the year) my thoughts on Toure are primarily based on his age and the fact that his wages would not represent a return on investment.

Yaya Toure Not Getting Any Younger

Yaya Toure may have only been in English football for a few seasons, but he is now 31 which means that anything longer than a two year contract would constitute a big risk.

He could play at the same level for three or four years or start to tail off. As he gets into his early 30′s he will be more susceptible to injuries and will not be as powerful or quick as he is now, which would severely affect his play.

Wage Demands

As the world class star that he is playing for the richest club in the world, Toure’s wage expectations would be astronomical (200k+).  As we are already pretty set in midfield already, with Nemanja Matic more than holding his own in duels against Toure there is no desperation to reel him in.

In all he would be an expensive luxury in a team that is shaping up rather nicely without him.

Other Premier League Clubs

The other club that may go for Yaya Toure could be Liverpool, but they would have the same trepidation that we would, whilst Gerrard is in his last season or two,  Toure would only be an expensive temporary stopgap. Could he be the force that wins them the league?

Potentially but its extremely unlikely in any case that Man City would sell to either Chelsea or Liverpool their two rivals for the league last season.

Enter the Parisens I guess.

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