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After a poor couple of weeks in the league our season is literally on the line in the tie against Athletico Madrid.

If we win we have a showpiece final against either Real Madrid or Bayern Munich with a chance for Mourinho to finally clinch a Champions League trophy for Chelsea.

Lose and the season is pretty much other and we will reflect on a season of so near, yet so far.

First Leg In Madrid

Having the first leg in Madrid is an advantage as it gives us an opportunity to know what we need to achieve in the home leg at Stamford Bridge where we will be stronger.

We are however without Samuel Eto’o so it seems likely that Fernando Torres will start at his former club.

Athletico Madrid Flying High

Athletico Madrid are destroying the rule book in La Liga at the moment knowing that three wins will guarantee them the league before their final game against Barcelona.

This will not be an easy game and hopefully we have the players and attitude to compete in both legs

Confident about Tonight?

I am nervous about tonight due to the power of Athletico, if we can get a score draw I would be delighted.

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David Moyes Thank You Letter

At FamousCFC we just want to say Thank You David Moyes for an amazing job at Manchester United, so much so we wanted to write you a thank you note.

So here are a few words written with a teary eye!

Thank You David Moyes Letter

Dear David Moyes

It is with regret that I this morning heard the sad news. That you had been sacked as manager of Manchester United following just ten months in charge.

I think I speak for every Chelsea fan when I say we will miss you and were hoping you would be given another season. Thank You David Moyes!

You have taken Manchester United a team that have haunted my nightmares for more than 20 years from Champions of England to mid table paperweights and done it in record time. Thank You David Moyes

Sure the squad was falling apart and you didn’t sign anyone until it was too late, but to us you will always be our hero.

From the rumours about why you really fell out with Wilfred Zaha, to your constant look of a man who has just found out he’s travelling back in time to be a butler on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. You have put a smile on our faces. You have made Manchester Blue, Liverpool buoyant and finally achieved your 2002 promise to make Everton better than Manchester United. Thank You David Moyes

In the last few months seeing your face on the Manchester United bench has put a warm glow in my heart. Even though you nabbed Juan, it doesn’t Mata as you could not play him in his best position. Thank You David Moyes!

But alas like your time at United the end has come, we thought we would end by acknowledging your fine achievements.Thank You David Moyes for the memories we salute you!

Taken from the Daily Mail

  • First time Everton, Manchester City and Liverpool have beaten United home & away since Premier League’s inception
  • First time Everton have beaten United home and away since 1969-70
  • First time Everton & Liverpool have ever done a league double over United in the same season
  • First time Man City & Liverpool have beaten United home & away since Premier League’s inception
  • First time United conceded a first-minute goal in the Premier League (Edin Dzeko for Manchester City)
  • United are guaranteed to finish the season with their lowest ever Premier League points tally
  • United fail to qualify for the Champions League for the first time since 1995
  • United’s worst home league form for over a decade
  • Suffered three defeats in a row for the first time since 2001 this season
  • Eliminated in the FA Cup third round – something which happened just once under Ferguson
  • First ever home defeat to Swansea this term
  • First home defeat to Newcastle since 1972
  • First home defeat to West Brom since 1978

Thank You David Moyes

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Yesterday was one of the most frustrating days of the season. We lost to Sunderland at Stamford Bridge ending our title hopes and Mourinho’s home record. Then there was the Rui Faria Mike Dean fight.

The headline incident will be the penalty awarded to Sunderland and the reaction of one of Mourinho’s assistant. The Rui Faria Mike Dean fight was embarrassing but it encompasses the hopes and frustrations of a season. One that has kept us all gripped and riding highs and lows.

Key Incident – Rui Faria Mike Dean Fight

The penalty awarded to Sunderland was a joke and understandably passions were running high. It is not everyday you see your Premier League dreams slip away.

One incident that will run and run is the Rui Faria Mike Dean fight. After the assistant  saw the incident on a monitor. His anger was justified however he took it too far. He flew pitchward and looked like he wanted to deck Mike Dean.

This is something I totally understand, at the moment I wanted to do the same. However I am a fan not a professional coach who should have more control.

I appreciate his passion and desire to win. In the end his reaction and Rui Faria Mike Dean fight was detrimental .  Watching him being dragged away in a rage was embarrassing. It wasted at least 90 seconds when we had few left.

I do love to see his passion and will to win. It is part of why he and Jose Mourinho have been together for so long. However this time the Rui Faria Mike Dean fight became the story and slowed down the game. He took focus away from the ten minutes we had left to turn things around.

Calling Rui Faria an embarrassment has not been a popular move. If twitter is any measure this will cue lots of angry comments from fellow Chelsea fans calling me disloyal. I believe I am being objective. Watch the vine it was unprofessional and not an example to set. Undoubtedly the FA will intervene and it is likely they will look to set an example.

Rui Faria love the passion but this time you took it too far.

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The media may only be whispering it as they focus on the Liverpool love in. With four games to go the title is now in Chelsea’s hands. The equation is simple, win all our games and we are Champions of England.

That being said we are not favourites and it will take a minor miracle to do what we need.

In Mourinho’s Hands But Anfield Machine Roars On

Winning our last four games will be tough. Not least because we have to travel to Anfield, but we have done it before and we can do it again. Around this time in 2010 we travelled to Anfield and got the win we needed to set up a title charge. Now we must do it again.

Yes Liverpool are a different beast than 2010, but the harder the challenge the more we have excelled in recent years.

Once again we are the underdogs in the eyes of the media and this is perfect, lets allow the media to heap the pressure and expectation on Liverpool. Build them up and tell them it is in the bag. Then let’s see how they hold up to the pressure.

In the closest thing to praise for Liverpool ever written on this blog, they are doing a bloody brilliant job so far, outside of their Premier League history.

Brendan Rodgers Miracle Worker

Brendan Rodgers has got them firing, ten wins out of ten they are certainly going to be a tough ask, but certainly achievable with Mourinho in charge.

With the two best strikers in the league at the moment they are an attacking force to be reckoned with. If we can hold them back we can target them in midfield and defensively.

The Mourinho Factor

Jose Mourinho has unfinished business with Liverpool, the only team apart from Barcelona that have provided such a consistent thorn in his side. This game could be the perfect way for him to get retribution and set the tone for his second spell in charge.

The title is in Mourinho’s hands.

The Weekend Ahead

Provided both teams win against Sunderland and Norwich respectively this will be the battle of the master and the apprentice. An absolutely fascinating battle of attack v defence with Liverpool one of the few teams in the Premier League that will attack Chelsea and allow us to play the game we want.

Winning the title would be an amazing achievement without a creditable strike force this campaign and it will be tough. Yet we are masters of our own destiny once again and that is all we can ask for.

As Fergie might say its squeaky bum time.

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Demba Ba Perfect Week

Well, what a perfect week for Demba Ba

Just when it appeared that Demba Ba was destined to become a footnote in the history of Chelsea strikers. He surprises us all with a perfect week for Demba Ba. Two matchwinning performances. One of which will live long in the Champions League folklore of the club.

Demba Ba has always been popular amongst Chelsea fans, he has a great attitude and has not complained despite severely limited opportunities.

He has scored reasonably regularly despite appearing more from the bench than as a starter and shown the right kind of spirit that we all want to see.

Perfect Week For Demba Ba

Last week was the perfect week for Demba Ba as he turned it up a notch.

Starting with an appearance of the bench to sink Paris St Germain in a stunning night at the Bridge he was given a start away to Swansea that he grabbed with both hands.

After daring to Demba on Tuesday again he had one moment of impressive forward play to engineer a chance against 10 men Swansea and it snuck in.

From drifting nomad to a striker on fire, a week in football can be a long time. Whether he gets more opportunities in the future or not Chelsea fans will never forget that night at the Bridge. A cult hero has been created.

The Future

One good week does not make a career but it seems likely that with Eto’o not quite fit and Torres totally forlorn that in the last month of the season Mourinho will give Ba some playing time. How much remains to be seen but could depend on how we are doing in the Champions League and our chances of winning the league.

After that it does seem likely that he will leave, but if he does not mind being 4th choice striker I would not mind keeping him. He offers something different that most strikers we are going to chase. He offers a presence going forward that defences struggle to keep track of.

Overall a perfect week for Demba Ba

Demba Ba Perfect Week

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Hillsborough 96

The Chelsea game today will kick off 7 minutes late. This is the time into the 1989 FA Cup Semi Final the game was stopped to treat the injured and dying.

Just think about that for a second, at an English football ground fans of any club dying on the pitch, horrific just to comprehend.

This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.  I do not normally talk about Hillsborough as this is the place of others but I feel some remembrance is due today.

Rather than the debate I choose to focus on the fact that on the 15th of April 1989, 96 football fans went to a match but did not come home. This is a day to put aside our thoughts about Liverpool Football Club as a rival and think on that fact.

I was too young to remember Hillsborough but as a football fan whose whole family attend matches up and down the country I would never want to contemplate the game I love causing them harm.

So whilst the inquests and debate continue to this day, the fact remains 96 football fans went to a match and did not return.

I think the club said it best.

Hillsborough 96


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Yet another massive European night at The Bridge that saw the impossible dream become a thrilling reality.

The game started with a very nervy half hour and it was edge of your seat stuff but not for the reasons you may have thought. PSG never looked like scoring and it was all about breaking them down not once but twice.

So many brilliant unbelievable individual performances, Willian, Schurrle, Oscar, Dave, but none more out of this world then Gary Cahill. He was amazing on the grandest of stages tonight and is in danger of making himself a Chelsea great.

PSG set up much like a team that were there for 90 minutes of box ticking but ticked no boxes at all. They didn’t seem to want to score and felt they had enough at the back to deal with us. Their fans cheering every pass after 25 minutes spoke volumes about what they were out to accomplish tonight.

PSG may well have got over confident they could deal with us after our talismanic playmaker Eden Hazard was taken off injured after 17 minutes and this was probably what changed the game or us. The throw in that Luiz flicked on for the first goal is defended better if Hazard is on the pitch but the 7 PSG players in the box just seemed to stop and in popped Schurrle on 32 minutes  to score his most important goal in the Chelsea blue and sent the Chelsea 12th man into raptures.

When that goal went in there were massive questions asked of PSG that they couldn’t answer. PSG arrogantly thought they were still ok. Cavani to Chelsea this summer? No thanks!! His attitude seems poisonous and he couldn’t perform when the pressure was on.

People will always claim that Jose is ‘anti football’ and a boring manager but tonight he backed up what he said at the start of the season. He will go for it if needed. That is exactly what he done tonight and was willing to go all out to win this game putting all three o our much maligned strikers on and it pain dividends.

On 80 minutes PSG bought Lucas off and bought on a defender. Again a statement that job was done and just hold on and it would have worked but for one thing. The Chelsea fans! The home faithful have been the one consistent factor in massive European nights like this. Munich, Barca, Napoli, Juventus and the like have all been humbled at the home of Chelsea on nights where the fans have been buzzing,


‘CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE…… WEVE SEEN THIS BEFORE’ was the chant in reference to the Napoli game and on 87 minutes the impossible dream became a thrilling reality when the ‘forgotten man’  Demba Ba was quickest to react to a Dave shot and the entire stadium seemed to rock. Jose runs down the touchline to hurl instructions at the team as we had 3 strikers on. Ba went centre back between Terry and Cahill and Fernando went wide.

4 minutes added on and a few corners later and it was nervy times as we had seen us dominate Barca years earlier to be undone in the dying minutes and a save by Cech at his near post in the last minute (which ironically if he had done a week ago 1 goal would have done us tonight) meant game over.

The referee that oversaw our greatest European night ever in Munich blew his whistle and that was that! ANOTHER great come back, ANOTHER insane European night at The Bridge, ANOTHER Jose masterclass, ANOTHER European semi-final and ANOTHER night the Chelsea fans made a difference.

Everyone in Blue tonight played with the passion and fight that any fan would be proud of and we may not have history as is claimed…………..the rest of our ‘history’ remains unwritten!!!

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Football Shirt Friday

We found out from our sponsors Campo Retro that they are supporting the ‘Football Shirt Friday’ campaign to raise money for the Bobby Moore Fund to help fight bowel cancer. We thought this was a great idea and thought we would show our support as well.

Simply show your colours at work with the football shirt of your choice on Friday 11th April and donate £2 to the Bobby Moore Fund via the link below.


If you fancy picking up a new shirt for the day or maybe showcasing the  Bobby Moore 1966 world cup winning shirt then buy a shirt from Campo and we’ll double that donation by giving the Bobby Moore fund £2 for every shirt we sell this week.

Show your colours at work & help raise money for a such a worthy cause ! If you could share this it would be greatly appreciated.

If you fancy picking up a new shirt for the day or maybe showcasing the  Bobby Moore 1966 world cup winning shirt then buy a shirt from Campo and we’ll double that donation by giving the Bobby Moore fund £2 for every shirt they sell this week.

 England 1966 Shirt

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Chelsea 2014/2015 home shirt

It is that time of the year again when the new Chelsea 2014/2015 home shirt is launched.

The marketers are in full swing with their “forever blue” branding nonsense and we get the speculation about who is likely to stay/leave based on whether they are part of the marketing.

Then there are the fan boys and girls who cumulatively get moist about the prospect of a new kit, mind you we could announce a new branded tampon and the gents would still get pretty excited.

Chelsea Shirt 2014/2015

The new Chelsea 2014/2015 home shirt looks pretty good to be honest. It is crisp, sharp and to the point all of which are good things.

It ticks the main boxes, it looks like a Chelsea shirt and doesn’t have anything too funky on it, that keeps me happy.

Will I be buying the Chelsea 2014/2015 home shirt?

Don’t be silly £50 for a shirt when I have a perfectly good one in the cupboard? I may get this years on sale though.

Chelsea 2014/2015 home shirt

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